Wise County
County Court at Law No. 1
Judge Melton D. Cude, Presiding


Bail Bond Board

Court Appointed Attorney:

Can I get an attorney for a civil matter?  Indigent Defense provides attorneys for those who cannot afford one in criminal matters only.

Can I choose an attorney?  No, attorneys are assigned to cases by a court on a rotation.

Do services provided by Indigent Defense cost anything?  If found guilty, there could be fines, court costs, or restitution the defendant would be responsible for.

Family Law:

Who can I call if I have a question about Family Law?   The law does not allow the Judge, or any of his employees to give ANY legal advice.  The Judge’s office can help you with any setting questions, but not with any questions in regards to the facts of your case. 

Which Judge hears Family Law Cases?  The District Court Judge and both  County Court at Law Judges have concurrent jurisdiction to hear Family Law (including Juvenile) cases.  Cases are set by the Coordinator of the Court in which the case is filed.

How do I get a trial setting?  To obtain a setting, you must contact the appropriate Court Coordinator  -- 271st District Court @ (940) 627-3200; County Court at Law #1 @ (940) 627-5005; and, County Court at Law #2 @ (940) 683-0268.

Do you require mediation before hearing of a case?   Yes, see the “Rules of Practice in the 271st Judicial District Court”.

Do you automatically appoint a guardian ad litem?  No.  You must request one.

Criminal Law:

Does this Court handle Criminal cases?  Yes.  The Court Coordinator and may be contacted at (940) 627-5005.

Where can I find online records for misdemeanor criminal cases filed in Wise County? At this time there is no online records, but Wise County is making plans to make this available in the future.

Are all records open to the public?  Not all information is public record.  Information pertaining to the case, such as dispositions, hearing dates, etc, is public record on adult cases.  Personal information such as social security numbers or phone numbers may be confidential.  Cases dealing with juveniles are strictly confidential.  The Respondent and his/her parent or guardian may have only limited access to the records.  The respondent’s attorney may have access to the complete file.

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