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CHILD:  According to the Texas Family Code, Section 51.02(2), a child is a person between the ages of 10 and 17.

JUVENILE:  In Class C misdemeanors, a juvenile is a person under age 17 at the time the alleged offense occurred.

MINOR:  In tobacco-related offenses, a minor is a person younger than age 18.  In alcohol-related offenses, a minor is a person under the age 21.

Juveniles (under age 17) must appear before the court in person with a parent or guardian.   They cannot plead by mail, nor can they pay the fine at the court clerk’s window. Please call the court at 940-626-4206, Press menu 5 to set up an appointment to meet with the judge.

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"A judge shall not initiate, permit, or consider ex parte or other communications made to the judge outside the presence of the parties....concerning the merits of a pending or impending judicial proceeding. A judge shall require compliance with this subsection by court personnel subject to his or her direction and control..." Code of Judicial Conduct, Canon 3, Section B. (8).