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Duties of the Constable

Constables are constitutionally authorized peace officers and considered to be the first link in the county's chain of law enforcement. Constables are sometimes referred to as the executive officer of the justice courts. Constables have the same arrest powers and duties as municipal police officers and sheriffs. Constables and their deputies may write citations, make arrests and file criminal charges, plus they have the added responsibility of executing civil process for the courts and providing courtroom security for the Justice of the Peace. In addition, they may perform patrol functions and make criminal investigations. They are involved in the overall effort to reduce the effects of crime in their communities. 

The mission of the Constable's office is to serve as judicial officers for our justice courts. Their responsibilities include executing warrants and serving process that are directed to the constable, including eviction actions and seizing property. A constable executes any civil or criminal process throughout the county.  

NOTICE: Wise County Constables will not perform Civil Stand-Bys without a written Court Order.


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