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There are a wide variety of civil papers issued by civil courts including:

Restraining Order:
An order to the defendant(s) prohibiting him from doing an act prohibited in the order until a formal hearing can be conducted.

Protective Order:
An order to the Defendant (in Family Violence cases) prohibiting him from committing further family violence and other acts prohibited towards the victim in the order.


Restraining Orders fall under civil law and are not criminally enforceable by a Peace Officer. A Protective Order is criminally enforceable under the Texas Penal Code, and an arrest can be made for violation of such order.       

A notice from the court that a defendant has been sued by the plaintiff. There is no requirements for the defendant to respond to the court either in writing or in person. 

Tax Warrant:
An order commanding the Sheriff or Constable to collect  delinquent taxes for a taxing entity.

Writ of Execution:
An order directed to the Sheriff or Constable commanding the collection of a legal debt. 

Writ of Attachment:
A procedure or writ which may be used to bring a person or property into the custody of the court.

Distress Warrant:
A writ issued by a JP court directing the seizure of a tenant's property for failure to pay rent as due, distress warrants can only be issued for commercial tenant/landlord relationships.

Execution Order of Sale:
A process and writ issued by a court to enforce and collect money upon demand on a judgment by the seizure and sale of non-exempt property.

Forcible Entry and Detainer:
An order used for a landlord to collect past due rent and gain possession of the eased or rented property. 

Writ of Garnishment:
A writ and process directed to one who has money or property in his possession belonging to the defendant, ordering such third person not to deliver or pay it to the defendant but to deliver or hold it for the plaintiff or as directed by the court.

A writ issued by a court which demands or prohibits specified actions.

Writ of Possession: (Not eviction)
A writ employed to enforce a judgment to recover possession of real or personal property.

Writ of Reentry:
The act by means of a writ returning the possession of land or tenements (real property) to the tenant after a landlord has wrongly locked the tenant out of the premises.

Writ of Sequestration:
An order directing the Constable or Sheriff to take into his possession certain property of which another person has possession until the suit can be decided or as the court directs.

A process to cause a witness to appear and give testimony, commanding him to appear at a specified time and place to testify for the party named therein.

Subpoena Duces Tecum:
A subpoena that directs a person to appear as a witness and bring with him or her and produce at the specified time and place any instrument or writing or other things required as evidence.