What's New

New Trucks

Wise County EMS will take delivery of a new Rescue 1 unit in the coming months as well as two new ambulances. 

Outside the Truck

The recently delivered ambulances are new Ford F-550 4×4 chassis. The new units boast a Ranch Hand bumper and grill guard combo in addition to a new paint and decal scheme. The light package is the latest LED technology and includes a remote controlled spotlight.

The suspension is a product offered by Fraser named “liquid springs”. The suspension system is controlled from the driver’s dash and allows for adjustments in the ride height of the box as well as the stiffness of the suspension. This permits the driver to fine tune the suspension to give the patient and crew member in the back the smoothest ride possible.

Inside the Truck

  • Wise County EMS is proud to utilize the Phillips Lumify Ultrasound device. This light weight, compact, tablet-based sonogram device is a powerful tool for our providers to help determine a host of medical and traumatic conditions.
  • Every Wise County EMS ambulance is equipped with the Zoll Z Vent ventilator, allowing our providers to ventilate a wide range of patients from pediatrics to adults as well as CPAP and Bi-PAP.
  • Each ambulance also utilizes two IV pumps to assist in the delivery of medications to our critically ill patients.
  • Wise County EMS was an early adopter of the LUCAS device for CPR and when PhysioControl announced the arrival of the LUCAS 2, which upgraded the device from air driven to battery powered, Wise County upgraded. The LUCAS device is arguably the most effective CPR device on the market and Wise County EMS has seen amazing outcomes as a result of these devices. Learn more about the LUCAS 2 from PhysioControl.
  • One of the most popular additions to our equipment list is the Stryker Power-LOAD™ system which loads and unloads the cot and patient with practically no effort on the part of the operator. The system is capable of lifting and loading a patient up to 700 pounds, unsupported. This helps to reduce cumulative back injuries from lifting patients. To learn more about the Stryker Power-LOAD™ system and to see videos of the system in action, check out Stryker's Website.