Plat Information

Requirements for filing a Final Plat with the County Clerk:

  • Must have two reproducible (Mylar) copies and four blue line copies of the final plat.
  • Final plat shall be drawn to a scale no less that 1 inch is 200 feet on an 18-inch by 24-inch sheet.
  • Certified copies of tax certificates from all taxing authorities involved in said property showing that there are no past due taxes owed on the property, are required to be filed with plat. Taxes owed may only be reflected on certificates during the October through January months. Tax certificates are mandatory.
  • The Final Plat for county property must have been approved by the Commissioners Court, the Wise County Judge, and attested by the Wise County Clerk.
  • The Final Plat for property within a city limits must be signed by the appropriate representative of that municipality and their signatures must be attested to by the city secretary.
  • The Final Plat requires the signature, and seal of the surveyor; including lots and blocks or metes and bounds.
  • The Final Plat requires the owner's signature, with notary acknowledgement and owner's dedication.
  • A copy of the restrictions for the sub-division, if there are going to be any filed;
  • A copy of the paid receipt from the treasurer's office, showing that the plat fees have been paid.

Fees to Record a Plat

The Fee to record a plat is $41 per slide. If the plat is more than one page, it is $20 for each additional page. Our office will stamp one copy for the customer at no charge. Additional stamped copies will cost a certification fee of $5 each. Tax certificates and restrictions are filed in official records at the regular rate of $26 for the first page and $4 for every additional there after.

Additional information

For information regarding plating property please contact either your County Commissioner, County Judge, or County Engineer, Chad Davis. You may also refer to the County Development Rules and Regulations.