Assumed Name / Doing Business As (DBA)

A company doing business in Texas must file an Assumed Name Certificate, Doing Business As (D.B.A) with the County Clerk of each county in which the business will be conducted. Assumed Name Certificates are good for 10 years from the date of filing. The form must have all signatures witnessed either by a notary or a deputy at the County Clerks office.

Basic Steps to Starting a Business

  • File an Assumed Name or a D.B.A. Certificate with the County Clerk in the county(s) in which the business is located and/or will conduct business.
  • Corporations and incorporation documents are filed with the Secretary of State in Austin at 512-463-5555. Upon filing in Austin, the D.B.A. is then filed in the county(s).
  • For the Regulatory Assistance Program concerning licenses or permits, contact The Texas Department of Commerce in Austin, 800-888-0511.
  • To obtain a State Sales Tax ID Number, contact the State Comptroller:
    • Arlington Field Office:
      2108 E Randol Mill Road
      Suite 100
      Phone: 817-459-1155
    • Dallas Field Office:
      9221 LBJ Freeway
      Suite 100
      Phone: 972-792-5800
    • Denton Field Office:
      400 S Carroll Boulevard
      Suite 1000
      Phone: 940-891-4790
    • General Information: 800-252-5555
  • To order a Business Tax Kit and other publications, call 800-829-3676.
  • A Federal Tax ID Number is available through the IRS at 800-829-1040.
  • For an Employer's ID Number, contact the Texas Employment Commission at 512-463-2731.
  • Worker's Compensation Information-contact Texas Worker's Compensation and Texas Department of Insurance at 512-322-3490.
  • For Safety Regulations, contact OSHA at 512-482-5576.
  • Patents or Copyrights
    • Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks
      Washington, DC 20231
      Phone: 703-308-4357
    • Copy-Right Office, LM455
      Library of Congress
      Washington, DC 20559
      Phone: 202-707-3000
  • If the business is operated in a home, review the deed restrictions and contact the homeowners association.
  • If the Business is located in a city or its jurisdiction, contact the city for possible permit requirements.


  • Abandonment Assumed Name Certificate: $26
  • Assumed Name Certificate: $26
  • Certified copy of an Assumed Name Certificate: $7

Additional Information

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